Exhibit 2020 Watford - boys dancing

Dance and Heritage 

Project: EXHIBIT 2020

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Event: Exhibit 2020 at Watford Museum

Venue: Watford Museum, Watford
Dates/ Day/ Time: Installations are within the Museum – Museum opening hours apply https://www.watfordmuseum.org.uk/
Suitable for: Youth, Children and Families, Adult
Led by: MakeAmplify


Young people aged 11 -18 years old have explored the theme ‘Millennial and GenZ Childhood’ through engagement with arts activities to understand what it means to be growing up between 2000 and 2020 and capturing their childhood stories. The work they have created is exhibited in the gallery as an Augmented Reality installation that you can access via the QR codes displayed in the museum.

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Admission free, advance booking essential

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Supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund



June 29, 2021

Exhibit 2020 at Watford Museum

A free 5-day mixed arts project (suitable for 11 –14 year olds) working with four professional artists from MakeAmplify. The workshops include movement, sound, film and technology and explore what it is like growing up between the years 2000 –2020. By the end of the last day the group will have created an Augmented Reality installation for Watford Museum for the general public to come and use.
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