Internships and Work Placements


BEEE Creative offers exciting openings to learn and work within an arts organisation embedded within a community arts context. Each student or graduate internship enables people looking to pursue a career in the creative industries to gain vital professional understanding of an arts organisation, alongside valuable developmental opportunities. We schedule relevant hands-on experience through working with established professionals within vibrant arts education activities.

Past internships have included roles that provide administrative, organisational and practical support for Museums in Motion, Dance Re:Ignite and A-MUSE and usually last between six and twelve months. We can provide flexibility in working hours so that an internship can work around studies, other part-time work or commitments.


Previous interns Meriam Broersen and Anna Quiney wrote about their experience of joining the team in 2020’

Work Placements

BEEE Creative offers short term placements, often 1 –3 weeks, that provide a taster of the work we do. Placements are linked to a specific event so that people get an authentic experience of how we work artistically in community settings. Placements can either be for general professional development experience or as part of a formal academic studies placement.

For further information about Internships and Work Placements email the Director, Carrie Washington: