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PERFORM TRANSFORM will be a programme of heritage, arts and technology activities in Watford, Stevenage, Hitchin, Letchworth and Royston museums uncovering and sharing stories of local residents with two years of events, residencies and exhibitions in the community, museums and on new digital platforms (2023 – 2024).

PERFORM TRANSFORM offers an opportunity to bring together artists, local museums and local communities to challenge the relationship between heritage and a sense of place and belonging. The mission of this project is to challenge inequality to cultural access and support members of our communities who experience disadvantage, to overcome barriers and offer a programme with tangible skills development and improved sense of wellbeing.

The project will include: 

  • Arts, storytelling and technology activities as the toolkit to engage with and interpret of heritage themes
  • Tactile engagement with museum collections, to stimulate discussion and individual responses to themes
  • The creation of a new app as a way to celebrate communities’ stories, museum collections and interpretations of heritage with the wider public.

PERFORM TRANSFORM is managed by BEEE Creative, supported by The National Lottery Heritage Fund and is being produced in collaboration with Watford, Stevenage, North Hertfordshire, Royston Museums and Letchworth Heritage Foundation.

Funder:  The National Lottery Heritage Fund

Current Events

August 2024

See behind the scenes of Perform Transform

Films created by Duke of Edinburgh Volunteer

Behind the Scenes Letchworth

Behind the Scenes Stevenage

Behind the Scenes Royston

Behind the Scenes Watford

Hear stories collected during Perform Transform

Collected and curated by the University of Hertfordshire Oral History Team

Mix One - Personal Histories: An assortment of vivid personal stories of the project towns stretching back across the decades.

Mix Two – Housing Developments: What are the challenges of expanded housing in the five towns?

Mix Three – Pandemic: Coping with Covid in the five towns.

Mix Four – Community Identity: Multiple views from the five towns on the preservation of community identity into the present-day.