CASE STUDY: Museums in Motion 2.0

October 2017 to June 2019



Museums in Motion 2.0 was the next stage of the Museums in Motion projects that have taken place in museums in Hertfordshire since 2016 and was a series of 6 Residencies in Hertfordshire museums. Using the question ‘What’s inside your mobile phone?’ as stimulus, the museum collections were explored through participation in creative activities –dance and technology. The project was managed by BEEE Creative with artistic direction from makeAMPLIFY and funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Two one-year youth leadership programmes were delivered, providing further progression for previous participants to go on to develop leadership skills, and developing their skills in film making, dance and curating. A paid recent graduate intern was recruited to support the project delivery.

“I have learned more about this museum on the tour than in the other two times I have visited.”


  1. To enable young people to explore heritage, via unpacking mobile phone technology and making connections with that technology and the museums’ collections
  2. To connect communities and museums that will stimulate a community narrative on how mobile technology impacts on lives and how we interact with the world.
  3. To develop sustainable engagement.
  4. To assess the impact of engagement in the project on participants’ well-being.


  • 3 Museums new to Museums in Motion were partners on this project and the relationship between the museums has been strengthened.
  • The project worked with mostly hard to reach and/or vulnerable young people whose perceptions of heritage and museums was challenged and positively influenced.
  • The participants identified increases in confidence, creativity, ownership and wellbeing.
  • New community groups were reached and relationships between groups and museums developed.
  • The project intern developed skills and confidence needed for full time work within the industry.
  • Young leaders programme met its aims, pilot work has led to further programme developments.



Jennifer Irons –Co-Artistic Director of MakeAmplify
Zach Walker –Co-Artistic Director of MakeAmplify
Stewart Baxter –Composer, MakeAmplify
Carrie Washington -Project Management, BEEE Creative
Alicia Muscella –Project Administration (Internship), BEEE Creative


Royston Museum, Stevenage Museum, Watford Museum, North Hertfordshire Museum, British Schools Museum, St Albans Museum, Carers in Herts (Young Carers), Young Carers Crew, Links Academy, local Primary Schools and Home School Group.


The National Lottery Heritage Fund




A Museums in Motion 2.0 evaluation report in PDF form can be found by clicking on the button