September 2018 –August 2019


A-MUSE was designed as a programme of fun dance workshops based on the belief of the positive impact dance engagement can have on people’s lives. The workshops were aimed at older adults & young families. They were held in two North Hertfordshire museums –Stevenage and Royston. The workshops were targeted at families at Stevenage and Royston, and over 55s at Royston.

“Extremely enjoyed the chance to dance, move freely, have a choice on what we did and the great leadership of the workshop.”


  1. To promote community and personal wellbeing
  2. To challenge barriers to traditional entry points to dance and cultural offers
  3. To develop sustainable engagement that continues beyond the funding period


  • Three quarters of the Stevenage participants came from areas in the 5th decile of multiple deprivation, or higher.
  • Using self-identification methods most of the over 55 participants identified feelings of loneliness and isolation were reduced as a result of taking part.
  • All of the respondents indicated they had learned new skills or increased physical wellbeing.
  • Family respondents identified feeling more connected to their families.
  • Family and over 55 respondents identified feeling more connected with their community.
  • Partnerships with museums was strengthened, both museums wish to continue to work with BEEE Creative.